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Why an online course about diabetes?

Hi, my name is Joe Solowiejczyk and I’m a diabetes  nurse educator, family therapist and the author of this course. I’ve had type 1 diabetes for 55 years. I’ve been  working with children and families with diabetes for over 35  years – educating and counseling them on how to manage  diabetes in such a way so that they get the most out of their lives; teaching them to do most of their managing by  themselves. It’s what I do and it’s what most of my friends  with diabetes do – they manage most of it by themselves.


This course shows you how to do it. I also share coping mechanisms to help you get through the sad times. We don't have to like diabetes but we do have to show up and manage it every day.


Learn to use CGM for managing in the moment.


Announcing A New Online Course

"The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Child with Type 1 Diabetes"


Revised 2nd Edition - an online course authored by

Joe Solowiejczyk RN, MSW CDE


Online courseware developed and offered by

MediSelf Press - Coming soon...

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